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Former PGA Tour player, Larry Rinker, has just published (March 18th) his 3rd Edition of his online interactive golf ebook, 2017 “Rinker’s 5 Fundamentals,” with 11 hyperlinks to video golf lessons. The ebook is a total game golf instruction ebook with a major focus on the short game inside of 100 yards. Rinker’s 5 Fundamentals is a great resource for all golfers, and also an in-depth manual for competitive players, who are aspiring to play golf on the highest level. All lessons with Larry receive a complimentary copy. PDF Format

If you would like to contact Larry, you can email him at or call or text him at 407-810-7489 to schedule a golf lesson.

$ 18.95

2017 “Rinker’s 5 Fundamentals”
3rd Edition

Includes 11 video lessons


$ 109

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